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September 4, 2011
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Pin-Up Princesses II by KiLin7 Pin-Up Princesses II by KiLin7
So, the second in the series (and there will be a third, but I'll keep the stars in that one under raps ;)): Mulan, Megara, Kida, Pocahontas and Tiana. Now... I know some of them aren't actually princessess, but I don't think that's actually important!

Other Disney works I've done:
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How about a series of Princesses paired up with the villianesses?

Awesome disney art.

Ohh nice! I think Mulan is my favourite in this one :) Does Meg's outfit even look different than her dress in the film? I guess, it's the length of the skirt?
Please more Kida!!!
wow, these are great! Are you going to do Rapunzel from tangled at some point?
KiLin7 Oct 1, 2011  Student General Artist
Yeah I want to... But don't really know what to do with her. Maybe put her with some of the teen girls (although the other princesses are teenagers they're maturer, I suppose), maybe Alice, Kim Possible, etc? What do you think :?
BurlesqueZombie Sep 26, 2011  Professional Writer
Mulan is the only one who isn't a princess or doesn't become one.

Meg is one by birth. She's the eldest daughter of the King of Thebes.
Kida is one by birth.
Pochahontus is a native Princess.
Tiana becomes one by marriage.

Anyhoo... LOVE the picture. =D It's gorgeous.
KiLin7 Sep 27, 2011  Student General Artist
Wow, I didn't know that about Meg! That's fantastic. Do they mention that in the movie?

And thank you :)
BurlesqueZombie Sep 27, 2011  Professional Writer
Sadly no. The movie leaves out Meg's entire backstory. All they say is that she traded her soul for a guy - which didn't even happen. Even when they're in Thebes in the movie they make no mention that that's her home.

And Hercules didn't meet Meg the way he did in the movie. Actually, that was how he met his second wife (saving her from a centaur.) Meg's father gave Hercules his daughter as a reward for his heroism.

But it's kind of good Disney didn't stick to the myths because that would've made Hercules look kind of bad.

Also they didn't have a happily ever after.
KiLin7 Sep 28, 2011  Student General Artist
Yeah, obviously they had to change a ton. It would have made Zues look pretty bad, too, if they'd stayed with everything... But that wouldn't make Meg a Disney Princess, sadly :/ ... it's interesting nonetheless! Thank you :)
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